Our Mission

Providing people in the Middle East with wellness retreats and conscious experiences to elevate their mental, physical, emotional and spiritual state of peacefulness and balance; all through body movement, meditation, healthy lifestyle, alternative healing, fun, adventure and exploration.

Our Vision

To become the industry pioneers and market leaders in the wellness tourism sector, offering signature experiences and developing hi-tech platforms that promote wellness and overall wholesomeness.

Our Ultimate Goal:

Building a conscious community and community leaders who in turn leave a positive impact around the world.

Our Values:

  1. Creativity, in everything we do, we provide unique experiences tailored and designed for our participants
  1. Elevation, by helping our clients reach the best mental, physical, emotional and spiritual states of peacefulness and balance.
  1. Mindfulness, we live in the now, and encourage our participants to live the moment.
  1. Wellbeing, through offering various health and wellness activities.
  1. Respect, we embrace everyone, various cultures, races, abilities, age and opinions. We create a judgment-free environment, supported with love and mutual respect.
  1. Playfulness, By encouraging awakening the inner child within each one of us, returning to a state of natural being, where discovery and amazement are activated.
  1. Connectedness, building conscious communities around the world that will leave a positive impact and ascend through thought and action.
  1. Love, simply we love what we do, and we love doing everything we do with love.


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184 Mayfield St. Hopewell
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