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About your next trip


the cost of the activities which are not included in the listed price is ranges from 30-50$

We can offer private tours.

We can personalize an itinerary in line with your preferences and interests.

Please contact us for more information.

Each event has different requirements. We will send you the details once you book your retreat with us.

We prefer that everyone book his airline ticket while we can afford support booking a flight after you register in the retreat.


Soul Star Retreats does its best to meet the needs of everybody’s dietary habits. Vegan and Vegetarian food, Gluten-free and lactose-free alternatives are provided at every meal to those who have requested them.  If there are further dietary restrictions you would like us to be aware of, feel free to e-mail us before the retreat.

Beginners are welcome. Our yoga classes are designed to be for all levels of yoga practitioners.

Yes, though minors under the age of 18 require the consent of a parent or guardian and must be accompanied by an adult

It is very common for people to attend retreats without knowing any other participants, and usually the desire to meet new people is one of the top hopes mentioned by participants (including those who came with friends). Sometimes lifelong friendships are formed on retreat, sometimes the community disperses after the retreat, and sometimes nearly the entire group stays in touch. But just about always there is a kind of community magic that brings retreatants together for the duration of the experience, forged from people who were previously strangers.

We welcome any conscious adult (Regardless of race, color, or gender) who is in his journey of self-discovery, development, or awakening.

Retreat Etiquettes

Since you are participating in a wellness retreat, our preference for alcohol consumption is always a NO; however, if you decide to consume alcohol, please note that you can’t participate in session or any group activities and you can’t drink more than two glasses per day, drinking alcohol in group setting is not allowed either.

Smoking is not allowed during any group activities or at any medium of transportation. Smoking is not allowed in a group setup.

We have zero-tolerance for recreational drugs.

Using social media or cell phones are strictly prohibited during the group activities. 


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